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What is maintenance?

Maintenance, in the context of family law, refers to the financial support provided by one party  to another for their own benefit  or for the benefit of their children or even a combination of the two following the breakdown of a  civil partnership or marriage.. It aims to secure the payment of basic needs, including housing, food, travel to and from work and education.

Types of maintenance

Spousal Maintenance: Financial support system designed to provide for one party by the other after a marriage or civil partnership ends. It is rooted in need rather than entitlement and can be mutually agreed upon by the parties or ordered during court proceedings. 

The court considers the income needs of the receiving party and the financial capacity of the paying party when making such an order. These orders can be for a fixed period or joint lives, but they always terminate if the recipient party remarries or dies.. 

Child Maintenance: Support provided for the well-being and upbringing of children. Child maintenance orders are typically made when the parties involved have children under the age of 18. These orders stipulate that child maintenance payments should be made by the non-resident parent to the resident parent for the benefit of the children in the family.

Child Maintenance Service: Most child maintenance is dealt with by the Child Maintenance service known as the CMS. There are circumstances when the court is able to make a child maintenance order.

Why maintenance matters

Maintenance is about ensuring the well-being and financial security of both parties and, most importantly, the children involved. It is a legal responsibility that should not be taken lightly, and getting the right legal advice can make all the difference in securing a brighter future.

Confused about where to start?

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