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What is a Civil Partnership?

A civil partnership is a legally recognised union, available for both same-sex and opposite-sex couples. It grants the relationship legal status, akin to marriage. However, there exist noticeable distinctions between civil partnerships and marriages,.

Differences between Civil Partnership and Marriage

Marriage and civil partnership share many common rights and legal obligations. Nevertheless, certain differences set them apart. 

Marriage often carries traditional and religious connotations, which are not typically associated with civil partnerships. Marriages can be solemnised through either civil or religious ceremonies, involving spoken vows. 

In contrast, civil partnership ceremonies are secular, omitting vows, conducted in the presence of a registrar, and formalised through the signing of a legal document. When civil partnerships were first introduced in England and Wales in 2005, their primary purpose was to provide legal recognition and protection for same-sex couples’ unions.

How to Terminate a Civil Partnership

The process of civil partnership dissolution involves formal legal procedures to conclude the legal agreement between you and your partner. One party initiates this process by filing an application with the court, requesting civil partnership dissolution.

In 2020, the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act introduced changes to the civil partnership dissolution process. Notably, it removed the requirement to provide a reason for the irretrievable breakdown of the civil partnership.

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Initiating Civil Partnership Dissolution

The first step in dissolving a civil partnership involves making an application to the court. This application includes details of both parties and a statement indicating irretrievable breakdown. A sole application by one party or a joint application is acceptable.

In the case of a sole applicant, the court issues the application to the other party, known as the respondent, along with an acknowledgement of service form. The respondent must respond within 14 days, confirming receipt of the application and indicating their non-dispute of the dissolution.

The grounds for disputing a civil partnership dissolution application are limited and include cases where:

  • the court’s jurisdiction is questioned
  • the civil partnership’s validity is in doubt
  • the partnership has already been legally dissolved.

Upon court satisfaction, a date is set for the conditional order’s pronouncement. A minimum 20-week waiting period ensues between the submission of the civil partnership dissolution application and the conditional order’s pronouncement.

Six weeks after the conditional order is granted, the applicant(s) can apply for the final order, marking the official dissolution of the civil partnership.

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