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Operating from three offices under one unified goal, we strive to merge professional excellence with a welcoming environment and competitive pricing. Serving a wide range of clients, from individuals to large corporations, Martin Shepherd Solicitors offers extensive legal support for all life and business matters. Whether you’re buying your first home or selling a multi-million-pound business, our skilled solicitors are here to provide guidance every step of the way.

We have particular expertise in commercial agency law, ensuring that our clients—be they agents or principals—are safeguarded and treated fairly within the complex legal structures.

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Understanding Commercial Agency Law 1993

The Commercial Agency Law 1993 grants a self-employed Agent the right to indemnity or compensation upon the termination of their agency, depending on the contractual terms, if any. This right exists whether the termination is due to the Agent’s death, or incapacity, or if the Principal decides to terminate the agency to reduce costs after a product has become successful.

The Commercial Agents Regulations also protect the Principal, to a certain extent, in situations where the Agent loses interest in selling the Principal’s goods, becoming ineffective.

The landmark decision by the House of Lords in Lonsdale v Hallam in July 2007 resolved the longstanding question of compensating an Agent upon the termination of their agency. This decision highlighted the importance of engaging expert forensic accountants or valuers for compensation quantification and the necessity for Agency Agreements to be properly documented.

How Martin Shepherd Solicitors Can Assist with Commercial Agency Disputes

Our team possesses a deep understanding of the complex nature of commercial agency disputes. Specialising in areas such as commercial agent dispute solicitation, commercial agency disputes, and agency agreement disputes, our legal experts are prepared to analyse and navigate these complex issues towards a positive resolution.

By blending our extensive legal knowledge with practical advice, Martin Shepherd Solicitors skillfully guides our clients through the legal and commercial ramifications of their situations, drawing on both age-old wisdom and contemporary regulations.

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Commercial agency law governs the relationship between principals and agents involved in the sale of goods or services. It provides protections and guidelines for both parties, ensuring fair treatment and accountability.

The Commercial Agents Regulations 1993 provide agents with rights to indemnity or compensation upon termination of their agency relationship. These regulations also aim to protect principals in situations where agents become ineffective or lose interest in selling their goods.

The Lonsdale v Hallam case clarified the method for compensating agents upon termination of their agency relationship. This decision emphasised the need for proper documentation of agency arrangements and often requires expert forensic accountants or valuers to quantify compensation.

Martin Shepherd Solicitors specialises in various commercial agency disputes, including disputes between commercial agents and principals, disagreements over agency agreements, and issues arising from the termination of agency relationships.

Our legal advisors at Martin Shepherd Solicitors combine rigorous legal proficiency with pragmatic advice to navigate clients through the complexities of commercial agency disputes. We strive to achieve favourable resolutions by using traditional negotiation, adopting mediation and applying the law.

Martin Shepherd Solicitors offers a dedicated team with deep expertise in commercial agency law, ensuring that clients receive tailored guidance and support. Our commitment to professionalism, fairness, and a convivial atmosphere sets us apart in handling commercial agency matters.

You can contact us directly at to discuss your commercial agency queries or concerns. Alternatively, you can explore our specialised areas on our website or visit one of our three offices for a consultation tailored to your needs.

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