Guide To Selling a Property

The process of selling a property can be overwhelming and confusing. Whether you are opting for a private sale or using an estate agent, selecting the right solicitor is crucial to simplify the process. And Martin Shepherd Solitors team of property solicitors will guide you through each step. 

Preparing For Selling a Property

Upon initiating the process, you will receive the following documents to complete, sign, and return:

  • Seller’s Questionnaire
  • Seller’s Property Information Form
  • Seller’s Leasehold Information Form (if applicable)
  • Fittings and Contents Form
  • Conservatory Questionnaire (if applicable)

These documents, excluding the Seller’s Questionnaire, will be sent to the Buyer’s solicitor for review as part of the pre-contract package. Simultaneously, we will communicate with estate agents and correspond with the Buyer’s solicitors.

If you have a mortgage, we will contact the lender for an up-to-date redemption statement and deeds. 

Any property-related documents should be provided, including:

  • Building Regulations Compliance Certificates 
  • Gas Safety Compliance Certificates
  • Electrical installation certificates
  • planning permissions
  • party wall documents
  • Fensa Certificates

We will also obtain an up-to-date copy of the Title Deeds from the HM Land Registry.

For Leasehold properties, we will acquire:

  • freehold title
  • a copy of the Lease
  • title plan from HM Land Registry. 

Our solicitors will contact the Managing Agent/Landlord for a pre-sales pack and inform you of any associated fees.

A solicitor explaining a successful MBO sale with a client

Preparing the Sales Pack For Selling a Property

Once we have the pre-sales pack, we will send it, along with a draft Contract, to your buyer’s solicitors. If not available promptly, we will forward it upon receipt. Your buyer’s solicitors may raise enquiries, and we will seek your instructions and prepare replies.

Exchange of Contracts

On a satisfactory resolution of all enquiries and approval of the draft Contract, we will ask you to sign it. The exchange of Contracts makes the sale legally binding, with a completion date agreed upon. We will not exchange contracts without your authority and a confirmed completion date.

Post-exchange, our solicitors will request an up-to-date Redemption Statement from your mortgage lender (if applicable) and provide you with a Statement of Account, our invoice, and payment instructions.

Completion Day

The buyer’s solicitors will transfer funds for the purchase, confirming completion once received. 

On completion day, you:

  • Must vacate the property by the agreed time.
  • Take meter readings and leave any agreed-upon items. 
  • Hand over all keys to the estate agents for the buyer.

Where you have a mortgage, we will redeem it and, if buying another property, allocate the balance accordingly.


Our solicitors will send the signed Transfer Deed and related documents to the buyer’s solicitors. For mortgages, we will inform your lender of the discharge. Once confirmed, we will forward the details to the buyer’s solicitors.

Our team of property experts is dedicated to alleviating some of the stress associated with selling a property and handling the legal aspects seamlessly.  We have specialised teams covering every conceivable aspect of property law. 

To discuss your specific requirements for selling a property, please contact us on 020 8367 3230 or

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