Our team of experienced solicitors boasts extensive experience in representing both buyers and sellers in property transactions involving both freehold and leasehold commercial properties. At Martin Shepherd Solicitors, we bring a wealth of expertise to the table, ensuring that your commercial property ventures are marked by strategic precision and optimal outcomes.

We can tell you more about the acquisition and disposal of freehold and leasehold commercial property at our Potters Bar, Hertford, and Finchley offices.  

Services Overview

At Martin Shepherd, our commercial property team is well-versed in managing both acquisitions and disposals.

When representing you in the acquisition of a commercial property, we:

  • Approve contract and transfer documentation
  • Raise inquiries and conduct thorough searches to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the transaction.

When handling the sale of commercial property, we:

  • Take charge of agreeing on essential details
  • Draft Heads of Terms
  • Prepare the contract along with associated documents.

Acquisition of freehold and leasehold commercial property

An acquisition is the process of obtaining ownership or control over a property. It involves the purchase of a property, either freehold or leasehold, by an individual or entity. Typically, this process involves negotiations, due diligence, and legal processes to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership rights. 

Acquisitions are strategic moves aimed at expanding property portfolios, accommodating business growth, or making sound investments in the real estate market.

Tailored Strategies for Success 

Successfully navigating freehold and leasehold property acquisitions requires a tailored strategic approach aligned with your business objectives.  Our seasoned team of commercial property solicitors meticulously analyses your requirements, crafting bespoke strategies that align with your long-term goals. We ensure that every acquisition is a strategic move towards enhancing your market position.

Smart, Diligent and Efficient Service

We leave no stone unturned, conducting comprehensive investigations into title deeds, planning permissions, and potential problems. This meticulous approach guarantees a smooth acquisition, protecting your investment from surprises.

Discover more about the acquisition and disposal of freehold and leasehold commercial property at our Hertford, Finchley, and Potters Bar offices.

Disposal of freehold and leasehold commercial property

Disposal signifies the act of selling or otherwise divesting oneself of a property. In the commercial property context, this involves putting a property on the market for sale or transferring ownership to another party. 

Disposals can be driven by various factors such as strategic restructuring, changes in business needs, or the desire to liquidate assets. Similar to acquisitions, disposals also entail negotiations, legal processes, and due diligence.

Strategic Disposal Planning

When selling a commercial property, our skilled solicitors can assist in negotiating crucial terms in Heads of Terms and drafting the sales contract. We collaborate with you to address buyer inquiries, ensuring their solicitor has all the necessary information for a swift transaction conclusion.

We can advise you on the acquisition and disposal of freehold and leasehold commercial property at our Finchley, Potters Bar and Hertford offices. 
To discuss your specific requirements, please contact us on 0208 446 4301 Daniel Raja dr@martinshepherd.co.uk or Surjit Bansal sb@martinshepherd.co.uk