Buying or selling a business involves a myriad of crucial decisions. Legal and financial considerations come into play throughout this journey, and the right legal advice is essential for a smooth sale or acquisition. Martin Shepherd Solicitors specialises in guiding businesses through these transactions, offering expert advice to ensure a seamless deal process.

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How can our solicitors help with selling your company?

Our expert team will: 

  1. Help you prepare for the transaction, including creating pre-transaction agreements to safeguard information and define the essential terms of the deal.
  2. Assist in responding to legal due diligence enquiries, ensuring a comprehensive and transparent process.
  3. Provide advice on all legal documents essential for the proposed transaction.
  4. Assist in determining the likely timescale for the transaction.
  5. Liaise with you and your other advisers, participating in negotiations for deal terms and legal documents through various channels, including telephone, in-person, or written correspondence.
  6. Advise on matters that should be disclosed to the purchaser to mitigate exposure to warranty claims post-completion.
  7. Take the transaction through to exchange and completion, conducting a closing meeting to ensure all necessary items and documents are delivered for a seamless transition of ownership.
  8. Prepare a transaction bible to document the acquisition and address any post-closing filing requirements at Companies House.
  9. If the transaction involves a completion accounts mechanism, assist in agreeing on completion accounts with the purchaser and making any necessary adjusting payments as per the share purchase agreement.
  10. Coordinate and project manage the engagement of advisers in multiple jurisdictions if the transaction has a multi-jurisdictional element.
  11. For specific legal expertise in areas like employment law or commercial property aspects, we will also collaborate with our colleagues in those departments on your behalf. 

Trust Martin Shepherd Solicitors for comprehensive support throughout the process.

We can tell you more about the acquisition or sale of your business at our Hertford, Potters Bar and Finchley offices.

Exceptional Due Diligence

Proper planning significantly enhances the chances of a successful sale. Weeks or months of preparation are crucial, dressing your business for sale, increasing buyer interest, reducing transaction timescales, potentially affecting the sale price, and mitigating risks under the sale agreement.

 Our role often includes:

  •  conducting vendor legal due diligence
  •  addressing legal aspects
  •  identifying areas needing attention before embarking on a sale. 

This process encompasses reviewing:

  • filing history
  • statutory books
  • share certificates
  • shareholder registers
  • commercial agreements
  • intellectual property documentation.

Preparation of Legal Documents

As negotiations progress, the preparation of heads of terms summarises non-binding key terms. Ensuring confidentiality through agreements and granting exclusivity to a potential purchaser are vital steps. 

Most purchasers conduct due diligence to understand the target company thoroughly. We assist in responding to legal due diligence enquiries, coordinating information sharing through virtual data rooms, and preparing for the subsequent share purchase agreement or business acquisition agreement. 

Warranties, short statements about the business, and indemnities may be part of the agreement, with disclosure letters addressing any exceptions. Our involvement in due diligence replies enhances our understanding, facilitating the drafting of a comprehensive disclosure letter.
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